Power of the Podcast

In the ever-changing world of journalism, methods to get the news out to the world, whether it be data, cold hard facts, and analyst opinions, has spanned across multiple platforms. A somewhat new and growing platform has come in the form of a podcast, and it’s come to be a very powerful tool for not only journalists, but for people to offer their takes on the world either realistically or satirically. Me being me, the satire is what gets me hooked.

Now I’ve recently taken up an interest in listening to podcasts on a daily basis. Any of them dealing with sports can be found on my queue. When I found out that some of my favorite shows like Pardon the Interruption and First Take had their own podcasts, I was excited for more content. Unfortunately, their daily podcasts are just recordings from that day’s show. In a way, it’s somewhat beneficial to me if I miss the show that day.

One of my favorite podcasts is Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio. Florio, from NBC Sports, hosts the show every day and offers his insights on the league alongside his statistics guy waiting with baited breath to correct any mistakes. He also features players and other major names in sports broadcasting that add to the authenticity of his reports. The way he breaks down the game and, especially now, offseason moves pre-combine and -draft is very thought-provoking, giving listeners an extremely intellectual look at the odds and ends of professional football.


Another podcast that I’ve become fond of is The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan, a comedian and color commentator for the UFC, is someone that, just like me, wants to learn about people and their perspectives and what they do with their lives. Given the different backgrounds of guests that he brings on the show, there is much more to learn than just what their names are and where they’re from. Just yesterday, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was on the show blowing my mind with all these discoveries and theories about the cosmos. Rogan said his brain was starting to hurt because of the things he was saying, and I can’t help but relate. It was just that interesting. And I can say that I’ve learned quite a lot from the guests that he’s brought on the show.

Barstool Sports has developed quite a cult following through their satirical take on sports. I’ve fallen in love with everything they do; the way they interview guests, asking ridiculous questions, is probably the most brilliant approach to a journalistic-type platform. It may be nonsense, but it’s that damn good. My favorites from them are Pardon My Take and Barstool Rundown. Both shows have given me the laughs for hours and that’s why these guys are my favorites so far. Granted, I may be a fake fan for just starting to listen to them, but it’s all whatever to me. They hooked me in with their beautiful flag that I want oh so badly. I mean, look how perfect it is:


Recently, Pat McAfee, former Colts punter, left the NFL to join the brand, too. How awesome is that? Not only is he one of the most chill players to ever hit the turf, but to have someone who’s had experience playing a professional sport in the office will help their name heading towards the future. And that’s definitely something that they’ll need…

During the Super Bowl festivities week this year, Barstool Sports were banned from partaking in any activities in and around the complex at NRG Stadium in Houston. They had to set up their stage at another location and conduct their interviews with celebrities and players in noisy local bars and restaurants. When Goodell was asked about this at a press conference, he made no comment.

As much as it is a very nonsensical form of journalism that Barstool is running, a platform that has developed a young, cult following that has brought along a new audience to appreciate the world of sports deserves some form of credentials. Any positive attention brought to American professional sports is much better than the criticism that it receives daily.

Podcasts are becoming a more modern route for journalists to release their information to their audiences. It steers away from print and broadcasting, and can instead be listened to during your daily commute, your shift at work, or anything during your daily routine for that matter. It makes it easier for people to get the information you want to hear without having to sit down in front of a TV or divert your eyes towards a newspaper. Take a listen once and a while, and you may find a podcast online or through the iTunes store that best suits you.



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