A New Face of New York?

On November 29th, it was reported that multiple sports figures had received write-in votes in New York City’s 2017 Mayoral Election. New York Knicks star center Kristaps Porzingis received the most votes with eleven. Coming up short was the American League Rookie of the Year and Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge.

I guess it could be considered an honor, considering fellow Yankees greats Derek Jeter, Joe Torre, and Joe Girardi also received write-ins.

Now originally, I was going to write this solely on what postseason improvements and further developments Judge could make to his game. Obviously, hitting more home runs is still of utmost importance, but learning how to clobber something other than an off-speed pitch should be at the top of his list. The media flashed in our faces every single day how much his strikeout amount was turning more heads than his home run total. If you’re a Yankee fan like me, you got pretty tired of it.

But since then, a lot has happened in New York.

After Joe Girardi was dropped as manager, another Yankees alum stepped in to take over; one that I thought would be the most unlikely candidate given the many options and directions the front office could’ve gone with.

Aaron Boone surely does have a place in Yankees history, famously known for doing this to the rivaled Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

Just when you thought the New York-Boston rivalry couldn’t get any better… oh, it grew substantially.

There are a lot of concerns, however, with him having no experience at a coaching position. Especially as the manager of the New York Yankees, a job that comes with a lot of pressure.

But as long as he has the right guidance, he’ll know exactly what lies ahead for him in the coming season. There’s a lot to prove. Can he handle it?

Shouldn’t be a problem, considering the early Christmas gift the Yankees got from all-time great, Derek Jeter. As the new co-owner of the Miami Marlins, Jeter has been cleaning house and being scrutinized for doing so. Why? Because he sent his former team one of the best sluggers in the game.

National League MVP and league-home-run leader Giancarlo Stanton is now a New York Yankee. What does this mean?

It means that the Yankees have been gifted an unfair advantage over the rest of the American League. It means that the Yankees are still the evil empire of baseball. It means that the Yankees are still one of the most hated franchises in all of sports.

And it’s incredibly satisfying.

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Now there’s many faces of New York sports. Maybe one too many. Will Judge become overshadowed by Giancarlo’s bat and presence or will he learn from one of the best hitters to ever step up to the plate?

I assume it’s going to be a tag team of sorts with Gary Sanchez also thrown into the mix, tattooing balls all over the park.

While I’m still in full-fledge football mode, baseball season is right around the corner and now I’m even more excited than I already was.


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