One thought on “Live Tweet Thread from Hofstra MBB vs. Drexel


    1. Should be Mack Sports Complex.
    2. Good job from the start with the tweets, the names, and the pregame stats.
    3. Good using the game notes for pregame tweets.
    4. You did 3-pointers and three-pointers. I don’t like the digit use, but would allow it for space in tweets, but needs to be kept consistent.
    5. You threw in some photos and videos, which weren’t required, so that’s a solid job.
    6. Tweet I really liked: Gustys gets his 13th rebound of the game after a missed layup by Pemberton. Heads to bench after taking a hard fall. Replaced by Sabety. @HofstraMBB #RoarWithPride
    7. Tweet I liked: Isabell gets fancy with a layup. He now has 25 points, four rebounds and three assists, hitting 50% of his three-pointers for Drexel.
    8. There was a sequence where you tweeted fives times and didn’t drop in the score. The quality of the tweets was good, but something to keep in mind.
    9. Tweet I liked: THAT’S THE GAME! Hofstra defeats Drexel 88-76. Justin Wright-Foreman shines with 32 points, five rebounds and six assists. Rokas Gustys ends the day with 17 rebounds.
    10. Could have used some RTs from the Hofstra and/or Drexel accounts.
    11. Good job with the quotes
    12. 10 points deducted for late link.****

    SUMMARY: You clearly know what you’re doing. I like the way you did this. It was clean, concise, and for the most part consistent with style. As you incorporate more media (video/pictures) in to the next assignment, have some fun with that portion of it, and show me you can take it to the next level with some timely videos that help your coverage in-game and post-game. Very solid work.

    GRADE: 89


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