Let’s Not Overhype Saquon Just Yet…

Regardless of your fandom, you should be excited to see Saquon Barkley play in the NFL. I shouldn’t be the only one watching his first regular season game against Jacksonville on Sept. 9th.

This man is building up so much hype for the New York Giants and for the newly-drafted NFL class. If one player can generate so much buzz about an entire season, it’s already very impressive.

Just look at his highlight reel from his career at Penn State and tell me he’s not going to be fun to watch.

Big play after big play, like clockwork.

Maybe it’s the media that has set big expectations for him or maybe it’s the Giants organization, being that they skipped on drafting a future franchise quarterback to develop behind Eli Manning. Now they’ll get to run the ball the way they’ve wanted to for years.

But us as fans are to blame as well; the amount of anticipation we expressed in the desperate waiting for Barkley’s entry into the league does seem a bit overwhelming. His Giants jersey is already the No. 1-selling on online pro shops everywhere.

Much of it is deserved after his career of tearing apart college defenses on the ground and occasionally in the air. But it’s a matter of if his maturity allows him to handle all the stresses.

Leave it to ESPN to add to the already-immense pressure.

The leading sports media outlet in the world listed Barkley as one of the best players under the age of 25, before he’s even played a single down…

These so-called “experts” are delusional. Listing Barkley rather than Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara (RB, New Orleans Saints) is a crime. Better yet, an absolute joke.

Yes, it’s no doubt he’ll be good, but ESPN is going the route of hyping up a soon-to-be New York hero. As Barstool Sports wrote, the media will always try to draw attention to the next big thing in the Big Apple.

“O’dell Beckham Jr. was supposed to be that guy. But due to a combination of his own mercurial nutjobbery, lack of postseason success and missing almost all of last year, that hasn’t panned out,” Jerry Thornton writes.

We all watched the same film, read the same reports, and we can all collectively say and agree that he has the greatest potential we’ve seen out of any draftee in years. But now’s not the time for rash assumptions.

The pressure has already built up enough on him. We shouldn’t continue to add to it other than wishing him the best. However, it is common when we see someone of so much skill and speed now competing with the big boys. Personally, I feel it’s a shame that Barkley got kind of sucked into all of that.

The New York Giants want to avoid seeing an overhyped bust just as much as the fans. Hopefully, he’ll conquer all expectations.




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